Vehicle Tracking Application

Tracking System

The purpose of Live tracking is to be able to locate where a person/vehicle/asset is currently located. This system proves very useful in a number of real time scenarios like tracking valuable vehicles , ensure safety of individuals, providing remote help to people who are caught up in some difficulty etc.


  • GPS is Global Positioning System and it is satellite based navigation system.
  • A GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the GPS to determine the precise location of a vehicle to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals.
  • The recorded location data can be stored within the internet-connected computer , using a mobile (GPRS) .
  • This allows the vehicle’s location to be displayed against a map in real-time.
  • This will locate the exact location of a receiver (tracking unit) on the earth.

Why we use GPS

  • To find location by using Latitude and Longitude data.

How our solution work with GPS

GPS device also there should be a SIM card for network connectivity and if possible it should have location based services turned on.


  • Android is a powerful Operating System supporting a large number of applications in Smart Phones How our solution work with Android.
  • An android app is available which can be downloaded from app store. When this app is started, it will report the current location of the phone to the server. The app takes the place of a GPS device.
  • The mobile should have net connection and if possible it should have location based services turned on.


Geographic Information System or GIS is a computer system that allows you to map, model, query, and analyze large quantities of data within a single database according to their location.

GIS gives you the power to:

  • Create maps
  • Integrate information
  • Visualize scenarios
  • Present powerful ideas
  • Develop effective solutions


On-Demand Access:

The tracking devices offer on demand information for user.

The continuous updates provided by real time GPS trackers can be viewed by users at anytime from anywhere.

Immediate Correction of Problems:

Our system offer business owners the ability to immediately correct inefficiencies within a business.

Ex:- when a GPS-equipped delivery bus is mistakenly driven to the wrong location, the problem is immediately recognizable and correctable through the data provided by real time GPS trackers and live tracking software.

Improved safety:

Real time GPS trackers represent an important advancement in the use of GPS technology for personal safety and child tracking. With updates provided as often as every few seconds, real time GPS trackers have paved the way for parents, spouses and others to track the exact location of their loved ones with ease.

Improved Law Enforcement and crime Prevention:

Using real time GPS trackers, officers are able to covertly observe vehicles without human monitoring. While saving fuel and money, real time GPS trackers offer an effective way of fighting crime and recovering stolen merchandise or vehicles.


The combination of android app to achieve the appropriate location detection and tracking will facilitate the use of this solution by a large number of users.

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